Furniture in Industrial Interior Design

Industrial style furniture is usually made of shapes like squared lines and blocks. These promote a utilitarian unison with the overall décor of your home. While you can use organic curves and abstract shapes too, keeping them to a minimum helps preserve the industrial feel. In the industrial living room, make the most of the concrete walls by sprinkling them with slate and wood. You can also use vintage industrial metal furniture in the form of cabinets. In an industrial kitchen, you can use metal and wood incorporated into an industrial piece for making a kitchen island or shelving.

The concrete floors and grey hues can give a cold feel to the house. This can be broken by using light wooden floors and modern panel fire. With unfinished concrete walls, you can use modern ottomans, a unique dining table in the dining room, and grey booth chairs to give your home an industrial feel. Use elements of beige or cream to add a modern feel by using hovering lamps, simple bookcases, and dining table accessories. You can pair it with white rafters and rugs of different textures. Furniture made from reclaimed wood is ideal for a modern home decorated with industrial design style.



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