Furniture styles in an Eclectic Interior Design

Keeping in sync with the theme of the design, furniture styles are a mix of the old, classic, modern, and the new. You need to mix and match different furniture design styles to create a unique outcome. Statement pieces are essential in a modern eclectic home. A statement piece can be a piece of furniture or wall art or anything else that makes your eclectic design thrive. You don’t need to bother about coordinating the statement piece. It is meant to stand out and be the focal point of the room.

Additionally, you can add baskets, card tables, drink trays, or bookshelves to the room to make it cozy and comfortable. Also, try combining the old with the new. For example, place a Lucite coffee table and pair it with a Louis XIV sofa. This contrast in design elements is what will make your home truly eclectic.

Lighting in Eclectic Interior Design

Lighting can play an important role in your eclectically designed home. There is a lot to play with since the design style incorporates elements from various styles in the past. Vintage light fixtures, a contemporary or antique chandelier, a masterfully crafted floor lamp as a statement piece, or Victorian ceiling pendants can add persona to your home.

Eclectic lighting is about combining unique materials in contrast to create a visual message that is memorable and inspiring. Also, the lights can be overpowering but allow you to highlight the statement pieces with perfection.


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