Contemporary Interior Design

Features of Contemporary Design Style

Furniture designs in Contemporary Interior Design are styles and trends from the present. The design style borrows ideas from various eras. However, most of the furniture used in contemporary design takes ideas from mid-century modern, Danish modern, and various other modern design styles. Some characteristics of contemporary furniture are simple and clean lines, couches and chairs with square edges, contemporary colors, and natural textures and materials.

In contemporary style, you will feel the openness with raised couches and chairs and reflective glass or metal used for coffee tables. In the dining room, dining tables also use similar materials. Wooden furniture pieces will be made using very light or very dark wood tones. Since there are so many variants available, you can create a unique wooden feel to the home.

Talking about furnishings, contemporary homes have statement-making ones that are great conversation starters. They are usually used with straight lines and geometric silhouettes. Also, the materials used are natural, surfaces are unadorned with solid finishes and hues. In a contemporary living room, upholstered pieces are usually made of textured natural fabrics like cotton, wool, silk, and jute. Designers tend to add color using pillows and throws.

Lighting for a Transitional Interior Design

In the contemporary style, the minimalist room design is highlighted by using the right lighting. Homeowners have a range of options to introduce lighting that adds clean lines to accentuate the contemporary design. Some commonly used light fixtures include pendant lights, floor lamps, and

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