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Subtle modern living space

This living room is utterly sophisticated, boasting a statement big windows and linear furniture.

Red velvet monochromatic living

This all red living space crated a fabulous experience if you are a bold color pallet fan.

Lively purple living room

Purple is often a color associated with royalty. It is considered luxurious

Gorgeous traditional warm toned living room

One of the hallmarks of traditional style is symmetry. While rooms aren't always made up of perfect

Classic blue living with golden accents

The color blue, no matter how pale or dark, is a spectacular hue known for its

Minimalist newyork loft apartment living

The best living rooms, no matter how modern and minimal, have comfortable furniture

Neutral coastal color palette living

The use of blue shades shown in this Living room are subtle yet effective.

Monochromatic green living room interior

A bold green and white pairing might just be what your living room needs.

Luxury black, grey and neutral living room

By using black and white living room decor, you’re opening yourself up to an unexplored world of wonder.

Serene Modern farm house living

Muted neutrals in This living room is extremely straightforward and contemporary.

Turquoise inspired subtle living space

The sort of light received in a room will be dependent on its position.

Modern farmhouse living with rustic contemporary furniture

A freshly completed modern farmhouse merges clean lines and natural light with traditional finishes.

Farm house interior with industrial touch

It's bulky appearance and cast iron casters give the piece a beautiful look.

Coastal hamptons living space

Hamptons style is about comfort, livability, and functionality and the living room

Residential first light inspired living space

Fresh take on the existing traditional style of this 1920s, Because the home

Indigo and white modern living space

Traditional botanical studies take on a graphic modern look in deep indigo hues

Splendid blue living room

The most beautiful console, perfect for setting off a hallway or living room.

Modern eclectic living corner

Use of Green wallpapers and room paint colors are fresh and vibrant with red modern contemporary sofa in living room

Spice Up Your Decor With Mauve And Brick Colors

Red is an elegant and attractive color that can add boldness to home decor

Manhattan classic contemporary style living

Modern interior design ideas in minimalist style blend airy and comfortable home

Rustic and industrial decor and design space

Classy Industrial Rustic Living Room Design with Vintage Brass Hourglass

Coastal inspired summer breezy living room design

Stunning white and blue living room decor, Breezy color schemes blue

Hampton style living room

Hamptons interior with soft textiles such as cushions in seaside tones of blue and white

Cozy Neutral Shabby Chic Living room

Living room chair gives an important influence to comfort your living room.

Minimalist new york penthouse living

Minimalist living room designs are about less being more!

Connecticut farmhouse style living

Placed on a beige rug flanking a square blue ottoman coffee table

Transitional country style living

A golden and white color scheme brings to mind visions of a bright winter’s day.

Modern Living Room Design Ideas that will complete your home

Browsing for ideas for your living room makeover? Browse through our compilation of 30 latest living room ideas to inspire you and enable you to give a reference point to your interior designers. Foyr Neo’s Inspiration Hub presents a collection of living room decor ideas that are not just a reference – you can use each living space featured here and make it your own. Think of these as interior design templates more than just living room decorating ideas. Sign up for Foyr Neo’s Free Trial and get access to all these editable inspirations. You can customize the space completely to your whims and fancies. From color palettes to textures, wallpaper to furniture choices. Feel free to move around the canvas and change what you like. It is super simple to get started and find Inspirations in Foyr Neo.
Happy decorating!

Choosing the best living room ideas

It is vital to spare great attention to detail to each element in your living room. The living room is meant to be the focal point of your home’s story. Living rooms come in many shapes and forms and serve different purposes across different cultures all over the world. However, akin to its name, the living room is where a family and their guests live together. Everyday, a family spends precious moments in the living area to meet after their long days, to share stories and play games. The living room feels like the center of attention to anyone who comes in and sets expectations for the rest of the home decor. So it is important to have a family friendly living room that exudes warmth, welcome vibes and is tastefully decorated with styles, colors and elements that match your personality.

Mid-century modern? Modern? Traditional? Minimalist? : Choosing the perfect interior design style

The answer to this question, does lie within your own choices. You can use our filters to check out the different type of interior design styles. Browse through the images and select one that matches your choice and voila – you now know what interior design style you prefer. You can always consult with an interior decorator or just take one of the hundreds of quizzes available online that help you understand your interior design preferences. Here is one from Havenly

Floor planning and furniture placement :

Before completely immersing yourself into a designer’s mindset – think about the usability. After all, good design always creates good experience. It is vital to plan out electrical sockets, windows, cable ports, power sources, switchboards etc based on the furniture and appliances you are going to decorate the living room with. It would be a shame to discover that after all your hard work, you have to make crummy holes in the wall because your TV mount or an electrical socket was not planned beforehand. Use end tables, side tables and lamps

Color palettes and Accents:

Alright. So you know the interior design style of your preference and you are ready with a floor plan. Time to get the aesthetics right! Whether you are working with a small space or have serious square footage to decorate, it is vital to get the paint colors, upholstery and your overall color palette right in a manner that good design flows throughout your living room decor. For a small living room, use light and neutral colors for the walls and accentuate it with attention grabbing hues of royal blue – or add interesting patterns to a grey room with a geometric area rug. This will make your small living space seem more spacious and family friendly. If you like patterned or textured walls, use a delicate floral backdrop and complement it with velvet cushions and upholstery. Throw pillows can be used to really contrast or complement your color palette. The color scheme of your area rugs, mantel area and curtains play a huge role in setting up a visually stunning and yet comfortable living room.

Lighting and Natural Li

It is crucial to plan your living room design in such a way that you are able to regulate the level of natural lighting. Generally, the living room is flooded with natural light at the start of every day to kick start a bright day. However, for small living rooms in apartments or houses where access to natural light is limited, consider using a mirror to redirect light from the nearest window. Using window treatments that allow light to pass through easily and yet offer control over the natural light passage is recommended. Use sconces to highlight a valuable painting or a family portrait. Sconces can also be used to show off your wall paper texture or light up a reading corner of your living room. Choose light fixtures that best complement your color palette. Each light fixture is unique for its own space and purpose. Use a floor lamp to complete your reading corner just beyond the bookcases that create a natural and aesthetic partition between the quiet reading corner and the rest of the living room. If you’re going for a townhouse look, go all out with white walls and yellow and white light fixtures to accentuate the bold clean whites. For an obviously glam look, go with a chandelier to refract natural light to every corner of the room and to give your living space a glam look in low light settings.
Use modern lamps, fluorescent and white hues in a minimalist living room. Minimalists do not like much noise in terms of design. Keep it simple, clean and complementing to the color scheme.

Coffee tables, Sofas and Bookcases – Selecting the best modern furniture

Whether you are planning for a contemporary living room with crisp details, pale accents and clean lines or a boho style space with bright clashing colors, textures and a lot of light, the living room furniture you select will make or break the decor of your space. Whether it is an ottoman at the piano or bookcases that create a natural divide between a lively space and the quiet reading corner, your furniture needs to complement your personality and the color palette of your living room. Living room furniture should be comfortable, stylish and bold. Brighten up the mantel with a small table lamp. A piano is a pricey but entertaining element of a living room. It gives the space a luxe vibe and can also be an excuse to start merriment. A velvet sofa with matching upholstery can complement floral patterns and delicate backdrops perfectly.
In cities like New York, where real estate is extremely expensive and small living spaces are quite trendy, minimalist living room designs are ideal. They are characterized by neutral colors with eye-catching contrasting elements like a brightly colored coffee pot by the mantel or bright throw pillows to lighten a grey seating space.

Use valuable paintings, family portraits and novelty decor items to start conversations and add a personal touch to your living room.
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