The Art of Client Presentation

MODULE 1: Know your Client 

Gel with your Clients and their Ambience

Imagine you are designing for a country club in your town, dress the. part. Might sound silly but you would not want to go in there in jeans with patches in a super casual look, neither would you like to dress to your nines in high heels when you are visiting a family with pets at their home. The idea is to appeal subconsciously to your clients by mirroring them and their ambience to strike and instant rapport right from the start 


MODULE 2: Being Prepared 

Preparation is the Key to Success in a Presentation 

If you are organised during your presentation, you are exhibiting the way their project will be managed. You should be able to walk your clients through the entire project. Starting with floor plan, mood boards, renderings to any other presentation tools you plan to use, you should know your design inside out. Be ready to answer questions related to the product you are presenting, pricing, lead times. A potential client will want to know more than just the visual aspects.


MODULE 3: Tricks to Captivate your Clients

Don't Reveal all your Cards 

Learn how to share your vision with your potential clients without having it stolen. It takes skill and practice. You don’t show all your cards when you are playing poker. So why would you share your shopping list without a contract and payment? Share enough to make sure they are asking for more. A presentation is meant to propose your vision, not your product numbers. I don’t share vendor information during initial presentations.


MODULE 4: Wrap-up 

Learn from questions by other students. It is always a great idea to learn from other's experiences. I have shared my views on, 

How to picking your niche and deal with bargain hunters when opening a store

How to charge for your first presentation or visit to a client's place 

How to steer through difference of opinions with a client 





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