Introduction to Marketing and Sales when Starting up

Module 1: Business overview for Interior Designers

Think about the big picture - marketing ⇢ sales ⇢ offerings ⇢ marketing ⇢ sales


Module 2: Marketing and Sales Overview

Think of marketing as your yellow brick road to sales. The main thing to strive for is Like, Know, Trust and Commitment to take action with your audience. 


Module 3: Marketing Must haves

Marketing must haves - 

  • Ideal Client Persona, 
  • Lead Magnet, 
  • Offerings.


Module 4: Sales Must haves

 Sales must haves - 

  • client sign up roadmap
  • conversation & process


Module 5: Sales  Strategy Superstars

  • Humanize your brand, 
  • Sales campaigns, 
  • IG direct messaging


Module 6:  Strategy and Tactics in depth

  • Paint a really good picture of what it looks like to work with you. Eg - Your service, your team and expectations.
  • Talk about your fee structure.
  • Practice talking to people.
  • Create a list of objections your clients may have with solutions navigating through them.

Module 7:  Mindset and Momentum

Four ways to build authority :

  • Frame your story.
  • See yourself through your clients eyes.
  • Practice your way to the best.
  • Don't be afraid to be vulnerable.


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