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Foyr Ideate Features

Text to Design

Describe your vision in words and let AI create stunning visuals.

Effortless Customization

Edit, drag & drop furniture. Perfect your space in seconds.

Snap & Style

Upload a picture and start designing! Your space becomes your canvas.

Quick Designing

Go from blank space to a fully-furnished layout in minutes.

3D Experience

Explore your design and make changes in a stunning 3D view!

Shop with Ease

Foyr AI finds items and puts together your design shopping cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are many AI solutions that can create interior designs from scratch. Ideate AI by Foyr is one such AI interior design tool that stands out due to its customization capabilities. With Ideate AI, you can not only generate beautiful interiors by inputting simple prompts but also edit the results in 3D and add the elements of your choice with utmost ease and effectiveness.

Absolutely! There are many free interior design apps like Arch and Remodel AI that let you visualize spaces using AI for free. However, these free apps allow basic visualization only that may not match your visions. This is why a dedicated AI interior design tool like Ideate AI by Foyr is a better option. Ideate AI lets you describe your vision and turn it into a reality in just a click! You can also tweak the output to exactly fit your vision and realize your dream design in minutes. Try Ideate AI today and see the magic yourself.

While AI capabilities are advancing by the day, we feel interior design as a professional field will remain relevant for a long time to come. Human creativity and idiosyncrasies cannot be replicated by AI, especially in interior design which is an inherently creative field. Professional interior designers who can leverage AI to their advantage and up their efficiency are highly sought after today and will remain so in the future.

The best AI tool for interior design is the one that can accurately imitate your vision to the finest details. Only then can you truly achieve your dream designs. Ideate AI by Foyr is one such program that lets you create your dream space from scratch or reimagine an existing one to look like a replica of what's in your mind. Just enter a prompt and generate an output that you can edit and decorate in 3D. Foyr will automatically find all the products you have used and create a shopping list so you can easily turn your design into reality.

Absolutely! In fact, Ideate AI by Foyr is tailored for homeowners with limited to no design knowledge. It's like ChatGPT for interior design but more advanced. Just enter a prompt and generate a high-quality output that you can edit and customize in 3D by simply dragging elements. Like a sofa image on Pinterest? Add it to your design with ease! Ideate AI can make you feel like a professional designer in no time!

Yes! Ideate AI by Foyr has a feature where you can re-imagine your existing space. Just upload the image of your living room, choose a style from the drop-down, and describe your changes like adding pops of color or rearranging furniture. That's it! Just hit generate and let Ideate AI churn out an exact representation of the design you have in mind. It is effortless, fast, and highly advanced.

With Ideate AI by Foyr, you can fill an empty space and infuse it with splendid details and elements. Just upload a photo of your empty kitchen, specify the kitchen as the room type, choose a style for your kitchen, and enter a prompt describing the features you want. Click on generate and within seconds, you will have gone from being overwhelmed with confusion to being overwhelmed with the joy of realizing your dream kitchen design. Ideate AI can transform any space in your home.

Definitely! Ideate AI by Foyr’s specializes in customization. It allows you to tweak your designs to your heart’s content. Edit the suggested design in 3D and replace products through text, reference images, or natively available branded catalogs. You can even change the colors and textures of walls, floor, and ceiling to create a final design that you can truly call your own.