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A table is a table. Right? Well, not really. Once you discover that a Trestle Table is different from a Wine Table, you would like to dig deeper in the terminologies.  

The same logic applies to modern and contemporary home designs. For people, who are not into the intricacies of interior decoration, both terms might sound similar. After all, isn’t all contemporary designs modern? For professionals and people who are fond of interiors, the answer to this question differs.

There are definitely some common characteristics these designs share but there is a stark difference when it comes to variations in interiors.

So, what’s really the difference between Modern and Contemporary Bedroom Designs? Below is the difference between the two at a rudimentary level.

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Modern Bedroom Designs in interior designing takes the term Modern from ‘Mid-Century Modern’ that refers to a specific period of time and are defined styles that originated in the 1920s and went on till 1950s. Such design and architecture are, for most people, timeless, classic and iconic.

Accessories and decor items such as stonewares, statues, and pottery all tend to have a defined function in these designs. Furniture are often built off the floor giving an airy feeling to space. Modern bedroom designs are mostly recognizable by basic interiors and natural colors.

On the other hand, Contemporary Bedroom Designs are not defined by any specific time and keep changing by taking inspirations from modernism and other global styles, making it harder to fit them under one roof.

The designs can be very elaborate since they are derived ideas from different eras and keep getting revised but generally refrains from unnecessary decoration and adornment.

Comfort and balance are the two key values that are important in contemporary design.

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Modern Bedroom Designs and Contemporary Bedroom Designs: Distinctive Traits

  • Modern Bedroom designs are very low on using bright colors and emphasize more on monochromatic, brown or earthier tones, and neutral. On the other hand, Contemporary designs are mostly inclined towards a palate of black, white, and grey
  • Modern bedroom designs are more frequent towards clean lines when it comes to finishing details whereas Contemporary designs focus more on the curves. Since the Contemporary designs take up a lot of latest trends, they are very elaborate on designs and give you a lot of choices
  • Best Bedroom designs in modern incorporate finishes that have a lot of wood, leather, teak, and linen but best bedroom designs in Contemporary are more into elements such as fir or cedar and stone
  • Modern home architecture strikes the balance with its signature glass windows and asymmetrical patterns that make the interiors look expansive. On the other hand, Contemporary home designs gather ideas from large windows, odd shapes, and landscape beauty to  incorporate them in the interiors, giving a well-ventilated feeling to your bedroom

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Modern Bedroom Designs and Contemporary Bedroom Designs: Similarities

Similarities between both the bedroom designs give rise to most of the confusions among the interior designers. Also, adding to the confusion these days is the elements of mid-century modern bedroom design that are being incorporated into contemporary designs.

  • With the possible exception of the time period, it’s hard to differentiate between the geometric elements such as sculptural features and light fixtures of the designs
  • Both bedroom designs tend to favor simple and uncluttered placements of things to break up the heavy spaces. This provides a comfortable and calming feeling in a room to pop up your mood
  • If you are a fan of heavy or ornate stuff kept all around in your bedroom, you will have to forget them in both modern and contemporary designs
  • Best bedroom designs allow exposed legs of sofas, chairs, and poufs, if kept at all, that tend to gravitate towards reflective surfaces such as exposed metals and glass and perfectly weave the aesthetics throughout your space
  • Both the bedroom designs have a definite focus on exposed wood from architectural beams to raw wood end tables with metal bases, ready to take on the décor and your mood to the next level

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The interesting fact to note here is that the line between the Modern and Contemporary bedroom designs is getting blurred with every passing day because most of the times, homeowners want a touch of modern bedroom designs in the contemporary set up and vice-versa rather than strictly sticking to just one style.

But be it any design, contemporary or modern or the blend of two, the best bedroom designs are those that truly connect with people. They will be the ones to become the heirlooms of the future.

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