Frequently Asked Questions

1. What inputs do I need to provide for the Magiktour?
We accept all types of inputs( concept ppt, AutoCAD© file of floor plan, 3DS Max file, Sketchup© file)

2. How is the Magiktour delivered?
Magiktour will be delivered as a simple weblink, which you can access from any device.

3. Can I open Magiktour on my phone?
Yes, our weblinks are fully compatible on phones having at least 2GB of RAM .

4. Do I require any external plugin/software to use the link?
No, you won’t require any external plugin softwares.

5. How do I share the Magiktour with my clients?
The Magiktour weblink can be shared through a link hosted on the amazon cloud and can be accessed from any device.

6. Can I share the link on social media?
Yes, you can share the link on any media platform through the link which you post online, and the users can visualize and interact with the 3D interactive walkthrough.

7. Can you customize the link to show my company’s logo?
Yes. We do allow custom branding for our preferred customers. Please speak to your Foyr sales representative or write to to know more.

8. Does Magiktour have multi-language support?
Yes, we currently support English, Chinese and Japanese. Please speak to your Foyr sales representative or write to to know more.

9. What is the Foyr VR app?
It is an android application (ios version coming soon) which you need to install on your mobile and it’ll contain all your project. You need to mount your phone on a VR device such as Samsung Gear, cardboard, HTC Vive etc.

10. How long will my Magiktour link remain active?
Typically it will be active for 3-9 months or as mentioned in your contract. But, you can always opt for a link with lifetime validity at an additional cost.