Foyr Visualizer

Texture visualizer for faster decision-making

Offering custom views of the entire range of 2D textures is difficult. But not anymore. With Foyr Visualizer, let your customers visualize an unlimited range of wallpaper, floor or paint options in their own space setting!

Foyr AR

Immersive product views right on the web

True to scale/size AR product views without downloading an app. Your customers are in for a treat! A 24% increase in sales. Just plug and play. Launch in a couple of weeks. You’re in for a treat as well!

Foyr for Enterprise

Collaborate with your team in real-time

Bring more hands on deck. Work with your team to take advantage of every feature of our feature-rich solution. Foyr Enterprise lets you seamlessly add additional users to a design.

Create visuals that generate value

Your customers are human, and humans love visuals. Foyr Enterprise helps you display your products and designs as appealing visuals your customers can't ignore. The best part? It's effortless.

Lacking a professional, hands-on design software?

Designing from scratch proving to be too time-consuming

Traditional design softwares too complex for students

Foyr Neo is the only practicing tool your students need!

Premade Template

With thousands of premade design templates, you can effectively offer focused design training. No need to create everything from scratch.

Professional Tools

Advanced 2D & 3D space planning and magical rendering will help you familiarize candidates with tools and techniques used by professional designers.

3D Visualization

A catalog of render-ready 3D models that can be easily customized will ensure your trainees can realistically visualize their work and make enhancements as necessary.

Lack of efficiency costing you clients?

Long design cycles, complex 3D visualization processes

Design iterations proving costly

Lack of a one-stop software solution

Foyr Neo makes designing effortless and efficient!

Productivity Features

No more long design cycles with Foyr Neo’s premium productivity features. Automate tasks with tools like auto-baseboard, auto-lighting, etc and create stunning designs swiftly.

3D Walkthroughs

Say goodbye to frequent design iterations by letting your clients virtually walk through the design. Foyr Neo will create auto 3D walkthroughs for you.

One-Stop Solution

No need to juggle between different software solutions. Whether it's designing a floor plan, integrating and arranging design elements or creating 3D visuals, Foyr Neo is all you need.

Not enough visual details for your customers to make confident decisions?

Lack of dedicated 3D artists for 3D visualization

3D capabilities proving costly

Offering custom visualization experiences getting difficult

Infuse confidence in customers with high-quality product visuals.

Render-ready 3D models

With Foyr Enterprise, you can create designs with your catalog of high-fidelity 3D models and help customers buy with confidence.

Easy Customization

Easily create customized designs with simple drag-and-drop functionality. No special expertise required to make your products appear appealing.


Project your products in your customer’s space with Foyr’s powerful webAR feature. No need to download an app or perform complex integrations. Just plug and immerse your customers.

Lifestyle product shots not looking life-like enough?

3D tech seeming too daunting

Converting entire inventories into 3D models proving time-consuming

Integrating AR into your webshop proving complex

Offer true-to-life product representations on your online shop

Easy 3D Model Production

With Foyr Neo Enterprise, you can simply drag and drop elements and create 3D models of your products with utmost ease and efficiency.


You can convert your entire product inventory into 3D models with Foyr’s support. Scaling your product visualization efforts was never this effortless and seamless.


Impress customers with immersive product views right on your website. Foyr will do all the hard yards for you so you can kick back and reap the rewards in terms of lower returns and increased sales.

Stuck on how to make 2D textures immersive?

Not able to portray how a paint or wallpaper will look in real

Not sure how to make 2D textures visually interactive

Falling short of delivering delightful online shopping experiences

2D textures come to life with Foyr Visualizer!

Easy Integration

Foyr Visualizer can be easily integrated into your website or physical store on touch-enabled kiosks. No need to invest time and effort into complex setups.


Whether its paints, wallpapers, tiles, or fabrics, any product catalog can be integrated with Foyr Visualizer.


Customers can just click and change the textures to try different options and see what works for them the best. Indeed a delightful online shopping experience that will boost your brand reputation.

Our Success Stories

Manage large, complex projects with Foyr Enterprise Suite. This subscription includes fully managed design and floor plan offerings, so every group can show their assets virtually.

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