Foyr Neo - One Tool To Complete Your Interior Design Projects

Foyr Neo is all-in-one-easy-to-use-tool that connects all ends of your interior design process so you can deliver better designs in mins.

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Interior design is all about

Creating Designs That People Love To Live In,

not about jugging between tools to complete each design project


Avg. reduction in project time with Neo


2D Space Planning only


3D Modeling Software only


3D Rendering Software only

2D Space Planning

Hardware Upgrade Costs

3D modeling & rendering software typically need graphics (GPU) cards and more RAM.

2D Space Planning
  • Upload & trace or create true-to-scale, high-quality, accurate floor plans within mins and export them in different formats.
  • Easily create & export elevations with custom measurement and text labels
3D Modeling
  • Stop worrying about 3D models - access 60,000+ ready-to-use products. Just drag - drop one and it to your design.
  • Need a unique item? Import your models, build from scratch Or get it done for you.
2D Space Planning
  • Create photorealistic 4K renders and 3D walkthroughs in minutes. Set the shot, select a preset and let AI take care of lighting, shadows and more.
  • The best part? Rendering is crazy fast. It happens on our servers

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Foyr Neo is trusted by more than 50K+ interior designers worldwide

"Foyr Moodboard has revolutionized the way I approach interior design projects. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing me to easily curate and organize my design ideas in one place."


Interior Designer
"As a designer, I was always on the lookout for a tool that could streamline my design process. Foyr Moodboard has exceeded my expectations and made it easier for me to visualize and present my ideas to clients."

Monica Waston

Interior Designer
"Foyr Moodboard has made the design process a lot more efficient for my team. We can now collaborate on projects in real-time and share our vision with clients with ease."

III Studio

Design Studio
"Foyr Neo has made my design workflow super simple! My rendering times are cut down by more than half. They are always working on so many new updates. The chat support is super helpful and I love the community Foyr has created."

Kathy Noumi

Owner, Principal Designer


Yearly Monthly
Save more when you buy yearly


For home stagers & personal use


  • 60 RENDER CREDITS/yr (720/YR)
  • Single user

Optional Add ons
  • Export Floor Plan - $12 or equivalent/yr
  • Export elevations + Floor Plan $25 or equivalent/yr


For professional designers


  • 135 RENDER CREDITS/yr (1620/YR)
  • Upto 2 user
  • Export Floor plan
  • 1 click 3D walkthrough
  • 1 masterclass session

Optional Add ons
  • Export elevations - $17 or equivalent/yr


For design teams and studios


  • Upto 5 user
  • Export Floor plan
  • Export Elevations
  • 1 click 3D walkthrough
  • 3 Masterclass Sessions
  • 25 Custom yrdels/yr
  • Dedicated customer support

Finally, a Software Built for Interior Designers.

Everything you’ll need to complete your Interior design projects from Start to Finish, All in one easy to use Tool! No prior CAD or 3D modeling training required

Create Accurate Floor Plans & Elevations Easily In Minutes

  • Build High quality, true to scale, 2D and 3D Interactive Floor Plans. Edit wall length with millimetre (0.001 metres) level accuracy.
  • Easily upload and export the floor plans and elevate the interiors.
  • Download print-ready floor plans with labels and collaborate with your team offline.
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Drag-Drop DIY 3D Models

  • Stop worrying about 3D models - Access 60,000+ ready to use products
  • Drag-N-Drop or Customize objects to add to your designs.
  • Need a unique object? Upload OBJ products or build it from scratch or get it done for you.
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Get Photorealistic 3D Renders & Walkthroughs in Minutes(not hours)

  • Create photorealistic 4K renders and 3D walkthroughs in minutes.
  • Set the shot, select a preset and let AI take care of lighting, shadows, and more.
  • The best part? Rendering is crazy fast. It happens on our servers & doesn’t slow down your computer.
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