Pivot to the new way of work successfully with a simple, coherent plan.

The Ultimate Playbook for
Interior Design in the New Normal

How interior designers can adapt to the new world of work

About marketing yourself without the in-person mixers

Ways to amplify your digital presence

How spaces today are designed and function differently

How to set up your e-design business


In this ebook you’ll learn:

Get ready to find more success than ever in the new world of work.

For over the past one year, we have lived through a terrifying crisis, the impact of which has been harsh and far-ranging. These are unprecedented times, probably even the crisis of the generation, if not the century.

It is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. So there is no right answer, no standard operating procedure, no playbook that could’ve been followed. But as businesses we sit at the intersection between well-being and performance, between keeping ourselves safe, while moving the needle a little everyday.

And the only way to achieve both in these anxious times and stay relevant after the pandemic lifts, is by preparing well and building a resilient and shock-proof business plan. So we’ve tried to put together a checklist of things that you can do to adapt and navigate to this new world of work a little bit smoother.

Over 18,000 interior designers are already using this playbook to pivot and thrive. When will you?

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