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A 3D floor plan is a virtual model of the floor plan of a building. It provides an aerial view of a space, which makes it easy to visualize the internal design of the building. A 3D floor plan is built to scale, and also includes the walls and floor of a building. The 3d floor plan also includes windows, exterior wall fenestrations, and doorways. However, it does not include ceilings, as they obstruct the view. Some features that are included in the Best 3D floor drawings are bathroom fixtures, cabinets, wall tiles, paint color, etc.

Benefits of a 3D Floor Plan

3D floor plans are easy to create. All you need to create the Best 3D floor drawings is a 3D rendering software, along with a computer with the right configuration. 

  • Use of software to create 3D floor plans eases the process of design validation. The builder or the homeowner can easily visualize the design, and suggest changes to the plan on the go. Architects can easily customize the layout to suit the needs of the end-user.
  • The visual impact of 3D floor plans is very high, in comparison to 2D plans. Some of the Best 3D floor drawings can even render the 3D models for wardrobes, furniture, and fixtures. 
  • 3D floor plans can be used to create a 3D architectural walkthrough. The virtual walkthrough helps the users to explore the interior and exterior aspects of the building closely. 
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Steps to Create Best 3D Floor Drawings

There are many software that help the architects to create Best 3D floor drawings. Apart from using software, here are some basic guidelines to follow in order to make sure that your designs are Best 3D floor drawings.

  • Choose an area to draw the floor plan – If the building is already existing, choose the area to be renovated, or if you are aiming to create Best 3D floor drawings for a new building, consider the size and shape of the area where construction will be carried out before coming with design ideas.
  • Accurate Measurements – Accurate measurements are the cornerstones for Best 3D floor drawings. Take accurate measurements of the walls, doors, furniture, and other items, when you are designing a floor plan for renovation. If you are designing a floor plan for a new building make sure that the floor plan is accurate and fits the original area of the building.
  • Draw walls – Start with walls in each room. Best 3D floor drawings always feature walls that are drawn to scale. Once the walls are drawn, it is easy to fill up other details.
  • Add specific architectural features – The next step in creating Best 3D floor drawings is to add architectural features, such as doors and windows. You can also add heavy furniture and electronic appliances such as refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer, etc.
  • Add furniture – The last step in creating Best 3D floor Drawings is to customize the plan by adding texture, colors, furniture, and other elements.

Free Floor Plan software to Create Best 3D Floor Drawings

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  • It is a user-friendly software that can be used for drafting and modeling.
  • Experienced Architects as well as Do-it-yourself homeowners, can use it to produce Best 3D floor plans.
  • Layout is a tool that is to be used to create 3D floor drawings. This tool enables you to add notes & markups, add line weights & annotations, and print the documents in high resolution. 
  • You have to first draw the project in SketchUp, and then send it to Layout in order to add dimensions,  photographs, labels, and text to the floor drawing. 
  • All the documents in layout are linked with SketchUp drawings, so any changes in the drawings are also updated in the Layout documents. 

AutoCAD Architecture

  • It is a professional software that is tailored to suit the needs of an architect.
  • It aids in the creation of Best 3D floor drawings that are realistic by leveraging architecture, engineering, and construction objects as design elements.
  • It has a multitude of import/export features and is compatible with other CAD software.
  • Architects can create documents using design elements which simulate real-world behavior. 
  • The Roombook feature allows to calculate room quantities and apply multiple finishes to surfaces.
  • The AutoCAD Architecture toolset allows architects to design renovations quickly with its Renovation mode. 


  • It offers an online floor plan creator for effortless sharing and collaboration.
  • The software is easy to use for beginners. 
  • The floor plan creator can be used for architectural design.
  • The files can be exported to Google Sheets, Google Docs and MS Office.
  • It has many ready to use templates to create Best 3D floor plans, that are automatically scaled to room dimensions.
  • It is easy to draw wall openings, windows, doors, and appliances by using the different tools in the Smart Panel.
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Draft it

  • It is a high-end 2D CAD drawing software.
  • It provides 3D modeling, designing, and detailing tools to create Best 3D floor drawings.
  • It has an array of powerful drawing tools, with a variety of architectural symbols and design components.
  • It supports importing AutoCAD files.
  • It has a free version that can be used even after the initial trial period.


  • It allows architects to create Best 3D floor drawings and share them online.
  • The auto-furnish feature lets the designers furnish the rooms in the floor plan.
  • The 3D and 2D floor plans created using this software look very professional and are ready for presentation.
  • The software boasts of features such as photorealistic rendering, 360- degree panorama, and VR walkthrough.
  • The free version can be used for one project.


  • Architects can use this software to create Best 3D floor drawings and customize them with textures.
  • It is suitable for both professionals and amateurs. 
  • It can be used to create home designs, floor plans, site plans, and landscape designs.
  • The integrated measurement tools of the software, aid in the creation of accurate floor plans.
  • The basic version of Roomsketcher is free, however, using advanced features require paid upgrades.

Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo is a soon to be launched architecture software. 

  • It provides architectural tools to create Best 3D floor drawings at lightning speed.
  • The software supports easy collaboration. 
  • The software is in its pre-launch stage and offers 50% off on subscription charges.

Choosing the best software is essential for architects to create Best 3D floor drawings. Here are some easy tips for selecting the 3D floor plan software.

Choosing the best software is essential for architects to create Best 3D floor drawings. Here is the evaluation criterion to choose the apt software. 

  1. It is important to choose a software that provides the latest tools for creating Best 3D floor drawings that enable the client to visualize the exact details of the property. 
  2. Majority of the 3D floor plan software require a high specialization and technical knowledge. If you are a beginner and want to use 3D software to create Best 3D floor drawings, choose easy to use software such as SketchUp, Cedero, etc. 
  3. The demands of each client vary, and construction projects do not resemble each other. Choose software that supports different construction designs such as bungalows, high-rise apartments, luxury villas, etc. The software should enable you to create Best 3D floor drawings for different types of projects. 
  4. The software should provide efficient collaboration and organizational features. They should have features that allow centralization of information, the collection of shared plans, easily accessible workflow, and customizable templates for the popular models. 
  5. The architecture software should have tools that aid in creating Best 3D floor plans in a short period. It should provide tools for functions, such as edit rooms, customized doors & windows, design roofing solutions, create ceilings, etc.
  6. The software should also have tools that help in creating 3D plans for the renovation of old buildings. AutoCAD Architecture tools is a good example of such software.
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 Tips to Create Best 3D Floor drawings

If you are a beginner or a homeowner looking to draw a floor plan, it helps to keep the following points in mind before you begin to start creating the floor plan.

  1. Measure the dimensions in several spaces. When you measure existing spaces, use the measuring tape and take the dimensions in several places in the room. Having correct measurements will enable you to come out with Best 3D floor drawings.
  2. Before preparing the layout for furniture, look out for switches, vents and other objects that may come in the way. 
  3. Architects who create the Best 3D floor drawings always consider the basic choices of their clients before starting with the design process.
  4. Lining all the furniture to the walls will make the place look rigid. Always spread out the furniture at angles and use different elements to break up space.
  5. Leave enough empty space in front of the cabinets to provide a place for fully opening the drawer.

Follow these 5 simple tips, and you are on the way to create Best 3D floor drawings. 

Consult experts if you are still feeling confused about how to go about the whole process. You can also use free tutorials about how to create Best 3D floor drawings, for further guidance.

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