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The design trends of a generation are marked by the zeitgeist and fashions of the time that leaves a lasting impression on the homes and closed corners of every establishment. These very standards and trends form the stepping stone to what would come next in the trail of creative hands on designs and imaginative thinking. Design trends tend to shift, change and assimilate themselves into society quicker than one can imagine. Many trends have been linked with the art movements that have captivated the interests of people everywhere. Let’s take a look at some of the trends driving the design world today.

1. Maximalism

Maximalist interiors are trending with clashing prints, bright colours and alluring articles adorning the room of homes all over. What began as a style statement to counter minimalism is now being seen as a great means to impress family, friends and neighbours. The best thing to do is first start with something like an array of cushions in various tones before moving on to the furniture fixtures, wallpapers and paints.

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2. Nature Makes A Return

People are taking a more environmentally-friendly approach that has inspired warm colours and natural elements being mixed with earthen luxury elements. It’s becoming increasingly common to add elements that seem natural or at least mimic the look of nature. Design spaces are becoming more authentic and unique with natural wood along with stone materials such as pebbles, granite and marble.

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3. Earthy Colors

One of the most popular home design trends of the year involves the use of earthy colours which is a shift from the grey tones also own as greige( a combination of grey and beig ). Grey is still being touted as the dominant colour this year , but it’s often combined with softer hues and tones like the bohemian colours of joyous.

Other colours that have entered the mainstream field include which was also dubbed the Color of the Year which too is being used heavily in interior designs. Purple is trending as well as an accent color, but many find it difficult to pull off the colour subject to its ability to dominate any space and home.

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4. The Return Of Wallpaper

Blank walls are yesterday’s news as mesmerising wallpaper  have come back to rock homes. Just add a touch of wallpaper with breathtaking designs and convert any dull room into a shrine of beauty and elegance. The year was marked with more wallpapers with decorative and bold designs set to replace boring artworks and obsolete art pieces for wall decor. Landscape architecture and scenery, obscure shapes, and colourful geometric patterns made all the rage this year with interior designers and home designers.

5. Purposeful Materials

Most people would view furniture as unnecessary clutter that only lives up to its name when it actually adds any use to the room. Taking another environmentally safe step, materials made entirely from recycled cans, plastics and even smartphone screens have been making headlines everywhere.  Leather alternatives too have emerged made from pineapple leaves as well as interior tiles made from corn husks have entered the market.

2017 particularly saw a rise in materials being produced to hold some purpose to the overall look and feel of a home. It’s a new trend towards natural aesthetic beauty without any compromises on the environment. New materials and ideas are still entering the market made from strange yet abundant alternatives.

6. Terrazzo

Terrazzo’s exact history of relevance in interior designing would confuse many at first. It was cool in the 70s and then lost touch in the 90’s once again only to find its place once again in 2018. Marked by colourful floor tiles that add an incredible touch to any room, Terrazzo is becoming increasingly popular with small homes and community living establishments that are too price conscious. Terrazzo speaks voluminously about beauty while being frugal at heart. Composite stone is back once again.

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7. Smart Technology

Doctors may blame technology for making people lazy, but interior designers would hail it as a great new gateway in design standards and ideas. The mix of technology with design spaces has enables a new generation of designers to produce never before seen outlets that are marvels in their own league.

Particularly the introduction of the internet of things(IoT), where appliances and machines run entirely through the internet has prompted designers to rethink how homes function and how they can be made more accessible and comfortable for tech-savvy individuals.  Smart water systems and storage containers too have changed the general outlook of rooms and homes which are being dubbed the homes of the future.

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8. Curved Designs

A large change that feels absolutely right with everybody is the emergence of curves and smooth edges which have been hailed as new ways to make designs more comfortable and attractive. Organic shapes are now replacing boxy edges and clear lines in all kinds of furniture. Even sofas are getting the treatment by getting puffy designs, arches in architecture and even curved tile designs

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9. Statement Ceilings

Statement ceilings have been making more than statements since interior designers got a hold of them. Bold colours and g eometric patterns on ceilings are expected to be seen in as the latest design trend, not just on in ultra luxurious settings but even the small and modest establishments. Many would find this a little too  eccentric for their tastes but be certain that statement ceilings definitely add flashes and touches of beauty that perfectly replaces dull colours and monotonous designs .

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