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Guy Fieri had once said, “Food is not just eating energy. It’s an experience.” It’s an experience during which you not only nourish your body and relish delicacies but also have hearty and meaningful conversations with your family and your loved ones. And it’s the dining room where you witness this splendid experience, every day. That is why to make such vital experiences truly memorable and comfortable it’s necessary to pay attention to your dining room design. “Save the design save the world” Moreover, your dining room interior too reflects your personality and influences the mood and ambiance.

Dinning Room Design

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A: Here are 5 creative ideas for a dining room design to suit your needs

1. Dining Room Design and Color Schemes

Chirpy laughter, lively talks, exchanging the highlights of the day and creating new memories while recollecting the old ones – isn’t this the ideal scene of your dining room scenario when you are having a meal with your family or friends? To accentuate or resonate, such a warm atmosphere, all you need are the right colors on your walls and for your furniture fixtures and more. If you’d like to set a relaxing, serene and calm or reflective mood, then light shades of blue and pink would work, but bohemian colours of joyous are your go-to colors. If you often have guests coming over for meals then it’s wise to opt for shades of red and orange as your dominate hues because such warm colors are said to pump up one’s heart rate and energy levels, thus being apt for stimulating conversations. Having a mono-color dominant theme throughout the room can ensure a spacious look.

Creative Dinning room ideas

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2. The Right Lights to Suit your Dining Room Design

The lights above the dining table are a crucial element of your dining room design as the serve as the central point of focus or attraction. That is why an elegant chandelier comes to the rescue for lighting with beautification. For a rectangular table go for a linear chandelier or arrange multiple pendant lights  and some Fine Dine with Modern Design Process. The key idea is to have your roof lightings or chandeliers covering the length of the dining table. For the walls, ornate scone lights can be used for a classic appeal. If you plan to use your dining table for purposes other than eating – playing board games, occasional office work, solving your jigsaw puzzle, etc. then make sure you use ‘down-lighters’. These will provide you with the proper light for accomplishing your tasks. Use dimmer lighting systems to fluctuate the intensity of the light required as per your activity. Meal times usually need less intense lighting in order to maintain the warm, gregarious ambiance. To the know the right size of the ceiling lighting fixture that will suit your dining the room the best, the basic rule is to measure the length and width of the room in feet and add up the numbers. The sum figure you will be the minimum inches that your chandelier’s width needs to be. There should be a gap of 30 -32 inches between the surface of the table and the bottom of the chandelier.

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3. Space and Dining Room Design

The ideal distance from the between the edge of the table and the wall or cabinets should be 36 inches from all sides for a tidy, neat look. If your dining room design is small, then keep the storage furniture as minimal as possible, especially near the walls, for a clutter-free look. Opt for a dining set in which the chairs can be tucked under the table perfectly, when not being used. A banquette dining room design is best for a small dining hall as it involves an upholstered bench along a wall, thus providing more free space in the dining room. A banquette also bestows a casual and friendly appeal to the room. Armless chairs along with a round pedestal table to demands less space.

Dinning Table Design IDeas

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4. Dining Room Interior and the Dining Table Set and Other Accessories

The dining table should have enough chairs arranged in such a manner that there is at least 6 inches space between chairs for ample arms space. A rectangular or elongated oval dining table is ideal for a larger room while a square or round table is preferred for a small dining hall design. Using a rug under the dining table can add to the soft and warm tones of the ambiance. Choose a synthetic material carpet for easy maintenance in case of any spills or food stains. The rug’s color should complement the hues of the remnants of the room. It should also be large enough that it accommodates the chairs even when they pulled back. To add more style and to break the monotony of a regular dining room interior design, mix and match different seating options like metal and rattan, wooden chairs and settees, benches and chairs, furniture fixtures and more. While wicker chairs can add that cottage look to your dining room design.

Lighting ideas for dinning room

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5. Dining Room Design and Storage

If space permits then add to your dining room design a few small cabinets or one large cabinet with glass doors in which you can proudly display your crockery collection, your bone china tea/ dinner sets, etc. To save space, you can also opt for alcove shelves with appropriate lightings instead of projecting cabinets. In case of a small dining room design, the ideal substitutes for crockery cabinets are bar carts. They are less space consuming and can be removed when not needed.

A well schemed dining hall design is not crucial only for fancy food joints or restaurants. It’s a practical need of every home in order to facilitate comfort, style, good health and a gregarious atmosphere to amplify your social life. A good dining room interior design is all about adding to the “enjoyable haven” aspect to your home. If you are looking for a pragmatic yet artistic solution for your dining room, then Foyr is you all you need. We get you connected with the best of interior designers who have the expertise to understand not only what you want but also what you need. Get in touch with us now.

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