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The living room has been aptly described by Bobby Perk as “The heart of my home where I get to chill and spend time with my friends and family”. The living room, or more aptly the lounging room or your living area hall, is the place where one spends the maximum of the 24 hours. When the living room is an area of socializing, you need to make sure there’s enough room for everyone; your guests wouldn’t love to keep standing on their toes and it will be uneasy for you too.

Reflect on the 30 great ideas listed below on how to layout the furniture in your living area.

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Furniture ideas for small living rooms

Decorating a smaller living area can be challenging and often very difficult. You would want to bring in the latest, elegant piece of furniture for the room but it might not create the visual appeal you had imagined. The result will be an inappropriate use of money and an unsatisfied you. Here are some ideas to help you set up your small living room wisely and beautifully with some furniture fixtures and more:

  1. The rule of the color is that light colors make one feel easy and comfortable. Small rooms are painted in light tones to give a feeling of openness. Apply the same trick and choose light-colored furniture from bohemian colours of joyous for you living room.
  1. Opt for furniture with legs with furniture design software. You will be able to see the space between the chair legs and will feel openness instead of feeling locked between the walls.
  1. Opt for small chairs or stools instead of spending money on bulky furniture.
  1. When shopping for small scale furniture, antique furniture will be a good option; they have a perfect size and they bring home a totally different kind of elegance.
  1. For an added advantage, shop for furniture that comes with built-in storage. This way you won’t be adding clutter to the room.
  1. Use ottoman furniture to serve for a large number of guests. Use them to put decorative pieces or flowers.
  1. Instead of using sofas, go for sectional furniture. They look great and provide more seating.
  1. Do not push all the furniture to the walls. Arrange the seating arrangement in such a way that you leave some space around it. Blocking all the space will make the room look suffocating.
  1. Place a larger rug under your feet with attention-seeking patterns to make the room look larger than it actually is.
  1. Use mirrors on the walls to provide a feeling of openness.
  1. Place small storage cabinets near light sources so that the light out shadows the bulk. Proper lighting always makes the space more open.
  1. Either define a pattern to arrange the seating or place it vertically. The patterns will visually complement the rooms. Vertical arrangements just give you an impression that space is big.
  1. Arrange the small seats in a circle with two small tables rather than placing an uncomfortable big one.
  1. Keep folding chairs stored in the house just in case more guests appear at your door.

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Furnishing the large rooms

While small rooms can be tricky to decorate, large rooms do not lessen your troubles. You want your small room to look spacious but you wouldn’t love it either if your large living room has a lot of emptiness in it.

  1.  You have the freedom to choose a big and bulky sofa.
  1.  Arrange the seating arrangement in the center of the room to create a cozy warm feel environment.
  1. Make sure you place the seats opposite one another in order to engage in a conversation.
  1. Ensure you don’t leave large spaces between oppositely facing furniture. Use ottoman tables which will be bulky and well suited to the sofa rather than choosing a coffee table.
  1. Fill the empty spaces around the bulky furniture with X-benches. The can serve as stools or as mini-tables as well.
  1. Bring in some extra chairs to fill in the empty space. This serves a dual purpose of filling the empty space as well as storing furniture for use according to the needs.
  1. For large rooms, you can also create different sections or zones in the same room by adding small card tables or normal ottoman furniture.
  1. You can have a big sofa in the center and place two console tables on either side if space allows.
  1. Place a stylish modern L-sectional sofa or daybed in the middle of the room. It makes the best use of the space and the elegant sofa in the center draws all attention.
  1. When the room is large, you need to decorate the walls too to bring a sense of closeness and intimacy. Place decorative screens behind the sofas and chairs to a feeling of comfort and closeness.
  1. You need to pay attention to the ceilings too. In a room with a high ceiling, small sized furniture will appear dwarfed. while in a room with a low ceiling make sure you don’t choose furniture that would appear too tall. Looking up has not been more satifying, adjust the furniture according to scale.
  1. Place a rug at the center seating table and extend it a little further than the seats. You can make the rug cover the floor length completely to make it cozier.
  1. While arranging the furniture, make sure you do not obstruct the windows and the natural light that enters through it.
  1. When pulling the furniture together for a close-knit gathering, make sure you do not leave the walls making it appear all bare. Place decorative frames on the walls. Narrow tables for holding glasses and books also close the empty space.
  1. Do not clutter the room with unnecessary and heavy pieces of furniture. You may want to decorate a large area with different patterns but it won’t create a good impression for your guests. Stick to a single pattern to maintain harmony.
  1. Whatever furniture you choose, make sure you choose a comfortable one for the benefit of all.

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